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New slackline worldrecord by Alexander Schulz

When the ancient volcano of Les Roches Tuilière et Sanadoire with its bizarre looking basalt pillars started waiting for this line to be walked Alexander Schulz Slackliner was still millenias away thinking about how to make a step on a slackline.
Where once Lava was spewed out of the wild and gigant crater, purposing to create life and forming the early scenery of the wonderful Auvergne, these days an adventure took place that the dreamers can still tell their children.
Line Facts:
650m long
200m high
Webbing: Elephant Slacklines Passion (68 g/m)
Backup: 9 mm half static rope (50 g/m)
Pre tension: 3,5 kN
Standing tension: 4 kN